Golf has always been one of our favorite passions. Nothing is better than a weekend out golfing with the boys (or girls). In our group of golfers there is quite the divide in skill level, as well as quality of equipment. The more experienced players who have been playing their entire life have the better quality (name brand) clubs; while those who are newer to the game have lower quality (no name) clubs. 

As time went on, we all started talking about our equipment and helping the less experienced golfers look for higher quality equipment. It was all extremely expensive, as they couldn't afford to spend $400 for a new putter. We were all getting sick of the astronomically high cost of newer high-end equipment, so we decided to make a change...

Enter Black Widow- we are creating a high end, high quality putter that everyone can afford. Many other high-end putters are made from 303 stainless steel, while the Black Widow is made from precision milled, aerospace grade, 431 stainless steel. 431 stainless steel is a higher quality, more durable material than 303 stainless steel. Not only that- we have designed the putter to be slightly heavier (by a couple ounces), but still within regulation weight, to help shave a few strokes off your score. The heavier weight helps make your putting stroke more straight and consistent. This means no more wobbly strokes! Thus helping you to make more putts, and be much more accurate on those dreaded long putts. You will absolutely love the sound and feel of these putters!

Not only did we create a putter that will be useful for all ages and skill levels, but everyone will enjoy looking at as well. The Black Widow stands out from your average boring putters, and is sure to be the center of conversation whenever you are on the course! 


-The Black Widow Team