What is Black Widow Golf?

Black Widow Golf is a premium golf equipment and apparel company. We strive to offer the best products and the best possible price.

What Makes The Black Widow Putter Different?

The Black Widow Putter is very similar to other high-end putters. The main difference is in the price. The Black Widow Putter is only $175, as many other high-end putters are $400 or more!

Other differences are that the Black Widow Putter is made from precision milled, aerospace grade, 431 stainless steel. The 431 stainless steel is higher quality, and more durable than most other putters. 

The head on the Black Widow Putter is also slightly heavier than others at 365 grams. This helps you to make your putting stroke more consistent by eliminating any wobbles. 

Why Does The Black Widow Putter Cost So Much Less Than Others?

Other high-end putters are marked-up significantly due to middlemen, professional sponsorship, TV deals, retail stores, and many other reasons. Black Widow Golf bypasses the traditional distribution models to be able to provide the best equipment at the best price. We don't believe in crazy mark-ups. 

How Does The Black Widow Putter Compare?

The Black Widow Putter is very similar to the other high-end putters. Many of our customers say that it feels and sounds just like the $400 putter they had before switching to a Black Widow Putter!

What Guarantees Do You Have?

We guarantee that you will love your Black Widow Golf Putter, and so we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, as well as a lifetime warranty. If you don't love you Black Widow Putter, send it back and we will refund you in full. See our Warranty and Guarantee page, as well as our Return Policy for more info.